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Water: Clean Water State Revolving Fund

Financing Alternatives Comparison Tool (FACT)

The Financing Alternatives Comparison Tool (FACT) is a financial analysis tool that helps identify the most cost-effective method to fund a wastewater or drinking water management project. This tool produces a comprehensive analysis that compares various financing options for these projects by incorporating financing, regulatory, and other important costs.

FACT creates a variety of useful reports to effectively communicate the results of a comprehensive analysis. A summary report is provided, which compares various financing options using key financial figures. This tool can also create graphical comparisons of annual and total costs of various financing options over time. FACT will aid municipalities, utilities, and environmental organizations in selecting the best financing option to fund their water quality and drinking water projects.

FACT has been updated to version 3.1 and now includes a new streamlined analysis option:  FACT-Lite.  FACT-Lite greatly reduces the amount of information users must enter to compare possible financing options for various water quality projects.   A comprehensive user guide has also been developed and is automatically available as part the installation of FACT.  Once FACT is installed, the user guide may be accessed by selecting the "Help and Definitions" button that is located in the top right corner of the homepage.  A copy of the FACT user guide may also be downloaded separately.

Download a copy of the FACT User Guide (47p., 5mb, about PDF)

Important Note - FACT v.3.1 replaces FACT v.2.0.  If you have previously installed FACT v.2.0 on your computer and wish to install the latest version, you will only need to follow Option 1 provided below.  FACT v.3.1 will be installed and run as a separate program.  The installation will not impact your current copy of FACT v.2.0.

Installing and using FACT v.3.1 requires Microsoft Access 2000 or higher. If you have Microsoft Access 2000 or higher on your computer, you may simply download and install the FACT v.3.1 tool on your computer using Option 1 below. Click on the link next to Option 1 and choose to run the file to install FACT v.3.1 on your computer.

If you do not have Microsoft Access 2000 or higher on your machine, you may first install the runtime version of Access and then, secondly, install FACT v.3.1, using Option 2 below. This option requires two installations. First you will install the runtime version of Access and then you will install FACT.

Warning - If you do have Access 2000 or higher on your computer and you choose Option 2 and then you choose to uninstall the Runtime version of Access, you may need to reinstall Access on your computer after the uninstall is completed. With either option, you will be able to uninstall FACT without any effect on your existing Access installations.

Option 1. Download when you have Access 2000 or higher FACT v3.1.zip (9.2mb)

Option 2. Download when you do not have Access 2000 or higher

After successfully installing FACT, you will see an icon named FACT on your desktop to run the program.

If you have questions about using FACT please contact Mark Mylin, Program Analyst in EPA's Clean Water State Revolving Fund Program, at 202-564-0607, or email mylin.mark@epa.gov .

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