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Water: Clean Water Financing

Guidelines for the Award of Monitoring Initiative Funds under Section 106 Grants

In 2005, Congress began appropriating additional funds within Section 106 grants for a monitoring initiative. This was a response to numerous reports saying that the nation and the states do not have all the monitoring data needed to support the full range of water programs, make statistically-valid statements about the condition of waters across the nation, and track changes over time. These new funds are targeted for enhancing monitoring programs and providing statistically-valid reports on water conditions. EPA developed guidelines to assist states, interstate agencies and tribes with the award requirements and process. In 2008, EPA amended the Monitoring Initiative Guidelines to provide incentives to states to implement state-wide statistically-valid monitoring surveys. The 2008 guidelines focuses on improving state and tribal capacity to monitor and report on water quality through implementation of comprehensive monitoring strategies, and collaboration on statistically-valid surveys of the Nation's waters and include the state incentive.

Federal Register Notice - "Amendment to the Guidelines for the Award of Monitoring Initiative Funds Under Section 106 Grants to States Interstate Agencies, and Tribes" (2008) (PDF) (8pp, 129K)

Historical Guidance

Federal Register Notice - "Guidelines for the Award of Monitoring Initiative Funds Under Section 106 Grants to States and Tribes" (PDF) (7pp, 137K)

In 2005, EPA also modified the way it allocates funds under the Section 106 grant program so additional funds can be targeted to help carry out priority areas including monitoring for pollutants.

Visit the Allotment Formula for Clean Water Act Section 106 Funds; Amendment (Monitoring Initiative) page for more information about the 2005 amendment to the Section 106 grant allocation.

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