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Water: Drinking Water

Drinking Water Protection

Along with the states and tribes, EPA implements the regulations that protect the Nation’s drinking water from source to tap.  A multi-barrier approach is in place to help prevent pollution of your drinking water source and provide through cooperative efforts with the states, tribes and water systems, measures to monitor, test and distribute drinking water .  It is also a priority to provide public access to this information and to continuously provide information to consumers.

  • Public Water Systems - Provides a gateway to important information for water systems, operators, and those dealing with implementation and compliance.  It offers an overview of the drinking water protection program.
  • Source Water Protection - Outlines the combined efforts of states, water systems, and communities to protect sources of drinking water.  The site will also direct you to information about your local drinking water source.
  • Ground Water - Learn about the Ground Water Rule and the steps EPA is taking to protect ground water.
  • Underground Injection Control - Provides safety information and contamination prevention guidance to owners, operators, and regulators of injection wells.
  • Compliance Guidance - Provides a link to the guidance provided by EPA to States and water systems as they comply with the drinking water regulations.
  • Drinking Water Regulations Under Development - Focuses on the current regulatory status of certain contaminants and public water system operations.
  • Other Actions – Describes other activities EPA has taken in response to the 1996 Amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act.
  • About the Drinking Water Protection Division

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