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Water: Water Headlines

2012 Archive

Week of December 18, 2012 

1) EPA Issues Memo Clarifying Permit Requirements for "Good Samaritans" at Orphan Mine Sites
2) EPA Releases National Water Program 2012 Strategy: Response to Climate Change
3) Success Spotlight: Muddy and McKinney Creeks in Wyoming


Week of December 11, 2012 

1) Blog: Mapping the Truth
2) Registration Opens for Third Annual Campus RainWorks Challenge
3) EPA Funding Supports Urban Waterways
4) Section 319 Success Story: Orphan Creek, Mississippi


Week of December 11, 2012 

1) New Video Illustrates Nutrient Pollution Impacts to Recreation
2) EPA Releases Clean Water Indian Set Aside Grant Program Report
3) Success Spotlight: Eagle Creek, Kansas


Week of December 4, 2012 

1) EPA Revises Stormwater Regulations for Stormwater Discharges from Logging Facilities
2) Success Spotlight: Crystal Brook, Vermont


Week of November 27, 2012 

1) EPA Recommends New Recreational Water Quality Criteria to Better Protect Public Health
2) Register to Watch the Webcast of the December 4 Symposium on the Importance of Water to the U.S. Economy
3) Success Spotlight: Wallkill River, New Jersey


Week of November 20, 2012 

1) Webinar on "How's My Waterway? and Other Water Quality Apps" on November 28
2) EPA Launches SepticSmart, Promoting Homeowner Care and Maintenance of Septic Systems
3) EPA Releases Draft Model Program to Assist State Septic Programs in Managing Water Quality Impacts in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
4) WaterSense at Work: Best Management Practices for Commercial and Institutional Facilities Available Online
5) Webcast on Planning for Sustainability on December 13


Week of November 13, 2012 

1) EPA Releases Draft Section 319 Nonpoint Source Program and Grant Guidelines
2) EPA Launches Online Training to Assist Tribes in Managing and Maintaining Water and Wastewater Systems
3) EPA Releases Effective Utility Management and Lean Resource Guide for Water-Sector Utilities
4) Collaboration Toolkit for Protecting Drinking Water Sources through Agricultural Conservation Practices is Now Available Online
5) Updated Data Now Available through EPA's Nitrogen and Phosphorus Pollution Data Access Tool


Week of November 6, 2012 

1) EPA Website on Hurricane Sandy Response and Recovery Now Online
2) Registration Open for December 4 Symposium on the Importance of Water to the U.S.
3) EPA Releases Support Guide for Water Utilities on Containment and Disposal of Large Amounts of Contaminated Water
4) WaterSense and its Partners Encourage Americans to Shower Better
5) Introduction to the Toxics Release Inventory for Communities


Week of October 23, 2012 

1) New App Lets Users Check Health of Waterways Anywhere in the U.S.
2) Blog Spotlight: Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act
3) Success Spotlight: Stone Bridge Brook, Vermont


Week of October 16, 2012 

1) WaterSense Intends to Revise the Irrigation Partner and Professional Certification Program
2) Success Spotlight: Turkey Creek, Oklahoma
3) Blog Spotlight: Clean Water is Environmental Justice


Week of October 10, 2012 

1) WaterSense Announces 2012 Partners of the Year
2) Watershed Academy Webcast on "Using the New Water Quality Portal"
3) Webcast on Effective Utility Management and Lean at Water-Sector Utilities
4) Blog Spotlight: Iowa Soybean Farm Visit
5) Success Spotlight: Indian Creek, Illinois


Week of October 2, 2012 

1) EPA Releases Interactive Map of Results from National Estuary Program Projects
2) EPA Releases New 2012 Guidelines for Water Reuse
3) Webinar on Hiring and Training Veterans: A Resource for the Water Sector
4) Success Spotlight: Richland Creek, North Carolina


Week of September 25, 2012 

1) Watch Administrator Jackson Deliver Keynote at WEFTEC on October 1
2) EPA Releases Alaska Native Villages Program 2012 Annual Report
3) Enhanced AQUATOX Model Now Available Online
4) Second EPA Administrator Leaves Legacy of Service and Commitment to Nation's Clean Water Protections
5) EPA Launches Revamped Septic Website

Week of September 18, 2012 

1) Webinar on Solar Energy for Water and Wastewater Utilities on October 11
2) Information on Uses and Benefits of Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Available Online
3) Blog spotlight: Wildfires Impact Water Resources in Colorado
4) Blog Spotlights: A Day Without Water and Water Utility Preparedness
5) Success Spotlight: Beaver and Doga Creeks, Oklahoma


Week of September 11, 2012 

1) Registration Open for Campus RainWorks Challenge
2) EPA Awards $15 Million to Assist U.S. Small Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems
3) EPA Awards $1.5 Million to Universities for Sustainable Drinking Water Treatment Methods
4) Public Meeting on Consumer Confidence Report Delivery on October 1
5) Webinar for Environmental Education Regional Grants on September 26


Week of September 4, 2012 

1) Apartment and Condominium Units Can Earn WaterSense Label
2) EPA Video Highlights Utility Use of Clean Water State Revolving Fund to Invest in Water Recycling and Reuse
3) Success Spotlight: Buck Creek, Texas
4) Blog Spotlight: Leaving the Outhouse Behind


Week of August 28, 2012 

1) September 13 Webinar on Recruiting and Training Veterans for Careers in the Water Sector
2) EPA Video Highlights Lenexa, Kansas' Use of Clean Water State Revolving Fund to Invest in Stormwater Management Efforts
3) 2012 International Coastal Cleanup on September 15
4) Blog Spotlight: The Day Science Saved the Great Lakes... and Possibly the Lake Erie Water Snake


Week of August 21, 2012 

1) EPA Works to Advance Wetlands Conservation through Ramsar Convention
2) EPA to Hold Webinar on Public Health and Environmental Perspectives for Sustainable Decentralized Wastewater Management
3) Videos Available Online--Utilities Helping Utilities: Preparing for and Responding to Emergencies
4) Blog Spotlight: It's All About Connections


Week of August 14, 2012 

1) US, Mexico Sign Agreement Addressing High Priority Border Environmental Issues
2) EPA to Hold Webinar on Sustainability Planning for Utilities
3) Blog Spotlight: EPA Seeking Feedback on Beta Tool to Address Community Environmental Issues


Week of August 7, 2012 

1) EPA Issues U.S.-Mexico Border Water Infrastructure Program Report
2) New Information About Harmful Algal Blooms Online
3) New Urban Waters Outreach Toolkit
4) Success Spotlight: Eagle and Joos Valley Creeks, Wisconsin


Week of July 31, 2012 

1) New EPA Tool Helps Estimate the Affordability of Water Pollution Control Requirements
2) A Function-Based Framework for Stream Assessment and Restoration Projects Available Online
3) Success Spotlight: Magees Creek, Mississippi -- Implementing Agricultural Best Management Practices Reduces Fecal Coliform Bacteria in Magees Creek
4) Clean Water Act 40th Anniversary Video Project: Ongoing


Week of July 23, 2012 

1) EPA Provides $950,000 to Help 17 Communities Use Green Infrastructure to Improve Water Quality
2) Blog Spotlight: Wade In and Cast Your Vote for the 2012 Winners of the Rachel Carson Sense of Water Contest
3) Blog Spotlight: Green Infrastructure in New York's Onondaga County
4) Success Spotlight: Muddy Creek, Virginia


Week of July 16, 2012 

1) Call for Nominees to Participate in an EPA Technical Workshop on the Importance of Water to the U.S. Economy
2) EPA Withdraws Proposal to Collect Information about Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
3) EPA Issues Clean Water State Revolving Fund Green Project Reserve Highlights Report, Case Studies, and Fact Sheets
4) EPA's Job Training Program Expands to Include Wastewater and Stormwater
5) Virtual Academy Webinar: Water Quality Standards 101


Week of July 9, 2012 

1) Nutrient Pollution Educational Materials Online
2) Success Spotlight: Pierceville Run, Pennsylvania -- Restoring Stream Channel and Riparian Areas Improves Pierceville Run


Week of July 2, 2012 

1) EPA Awarding $2.7 Million to Revitalize Urban Waters
2) Register for Webcast on USDA's National Water Quality Initiative


Week of June 25, 2012 

1) U.S. Water Partnership Launched to Address Global Water Challenges
2) EPA Releases Green Infrastructure Permitting and Enforcement Fact Sheets
3) KB Home Builds the First WaterSense-Labeled New Home in the D.C. Metro Area


Week of June 18, 2012 

1) EPA Announces Framework to Help Local Governments Manage Stormwater Runoff and Wastewater
2) EPA Issues Post-Construction Compliance Monitoring Guidance
3) Blog Spotlight: Gone with the Wind (and Waves)


Week of June 11, 2012 

1) EPA's Stormwater Pollution Prevention Webinar Series: Stormwater, Coal-Tar Sealcoat, and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons on June 14, 2012
2) WaterSense 2011 Annual Accomplishments Announced
3) Climate Resilience Evaluation and Awareness Tool Exercise Report Posted Online


Week of June 4, 2012 

1) EPA and Department of Veterans Affairs to Connect Veterans with Jobs in Water Sectors
2) Landscape Irrigation Controllers Earn the WaterSense Label
3) Register for Webcast on Section 319 Agricultural Nonpoint Source Success Stories


Week of May 29, 2012 

1) EPA Launches Competition for College Students to Develop Innovative Approaches to Stormwater Management
2) EPA and Department of Veterans Affairs to Connect Veterans with Jobs in Water Sectors
3) EPA Issues Notice of Intent to Revise Stormwater Regulations to Specify that an NPDES Permit is not Required for Stormwater Discharges from Logging Roads
4) EPA Releases Fact Sheet on the Economic Benefits of Protecting Healthy Watersheds
5) Success Spotlight: Tres Palacios Creek, Texas -- Addressing Illegal Dumping Reduces Bacteria in Creek


Week of May 21, 2012 

1) EPA Launches Competition for College Students to Develop Innovative Approaches to Stormwater Management
2) Success Spotlight: Clearwater River, Minnesota -- Managing Agricultural Drainage Reduces Bacteria in River


Week of May 14, 2012 

1) EPA Releases Draft Permitting Guidance for Using Diesel Fuel in Oil and Gas Hydraulic Fracturing
2) EPA Updates Online Water Quality Standards Guidance
3) Webinar: New Energy Use Assessment Tool for Water and Wastewater Systems, May 31st
4) EPA Approves the Blackfeet Tribe Application to Conduct the Water Quality Standards Program
5) Success Spotlight: Walnut and West Creeks, Kansas -- Implementing Agricultural Best Management Practices Improves Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Creeks


Week of May 7, 2012 

1) EPA to Work with Drinking Water Systems to Monitor Unregulated Contaminants
2) Principles for an Energy/Water Future Document Available
3) Register for Webcast on "USDA's NIFA-CEAP Watershed Synthesis: Lessons Learned"
4) Webcast Series for Water and Wastewater Utilities on June 12, 2012
5) EPA Celebrates Drinking Water Week


Week of April 30, 2012 

1) Find Local Fish Advisories with EPA's Improved Online Tools
2) EPA Celebrates American Wetlands Month
3) Blog Spotlight: Challenges and Opportunities in San Juan Bay
4) Success Spotlight: Fall River, Kansas -- Cooperative Watershed Management Improves Dissolved Oxygen Levels in River


Week of April 23, 2012 

1) EPA's National Coastal Condition Report IV Available Online
2) DEA National Pharmaceutical Take-Back Day: April 28, 2012
3) EPA to Host Web Conference on the Draft "National Water Program 2012 Strategy: Response to Climate Change" on May 3, 2012
4) EPA To Hold Infrastructure Operation, Maintenance, and Management Training for Tribal Water and Wastewater Operators and Leaders in Oklahoma City, Okla., and Albuquerque, N.M.
5) Blog Spotlight: Giving New Life To The Dead Zone


Week of April 16, 2012 

1) Human Health Benchmarks for Pesticides in Water Published
2) Webinar: Innovative Energy Conservation Measures at Wastewater Treatment Facilities


Week of April 9, 2012 

1) "Coordination of the Water Sector and Emergency Services Sectors: An Important Step to Better Response" Document Released
2) Climate Resilience Evaluation and Awareness Tool Training Modules Available Online
3) Blog Spotlight: Take the Challenge to Conserve Water


Week of April 2, 2012 

1) 2012 Draft National Water Program Strategy: Response to Climate Change Open for Public Comment
2) Register for Webcast on Using the Clean Water Act State Revolving Fund for Nonpoint Source and National Estuary Projects
3) Success Spotlight: Gravelly Branch, Delaware -- Removing Agricultural and Residential Bacteria Sources Improves Water Quality

Week of March 26, 2012 

1) EPA Joins the U.S. Water Partnership
2) EPA to Host Energy Management Webinar for Water Utilities with Spanish Language Interpretation on March 28th
3) EPA To Hold Infrastructure Operation, Maintenance, and Management Training for Tribal Water and Wastewater Operators and Leaders in Nashville, Tenn.
4) Blog Spotlight: Southern Hospitality Can Host Great Partnerships for Water
5) Success Spotlight: Middle Creek, Virginia--Mined-Land Restoration Improves Middle Creek's Benthic Population


Week of March 20, 2012 

1) EPA Initiates Website To Mark 40 Years of the Clean Water Act
2) EPA Releases Document for Identifying and Protecting Healthy Watersheds
3) EPA Webinar: "21st Century Perspectives on Wastewater Treatment Ponds," 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. EDT
4) Template for Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans Available Online
5) EPA Seeks Nominations for its Local Government Advisory Committee


Week of March 12, 2012 

1) WaterSense Partners Celebrate 4th Annual Fix a Leak Week
2) Register for Webcast on History and Evolution of the Clean Water Act
3) EPA Unveils New Website on Nutrient Pollution
4) EPA Safe and Sustainable Water Resources Research Program Stakeholder Meeting, March 28th in Washington, DC
5) Adaptation Strategies Guide for Water Utilities

Week of March 5, 2012 

1) EPA Provides $15 Million to Help Small Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems Across the Country
2) Urban Waters Federal Partnership Launches Ambassadors Program to Support Revitalizing Urban Waterways in U.S. Communities
3) National Ground Water Awareness Week
4) EPA to Host National Webinar on New Stormwater Construction General Permit
5) 2012 Water Laboratory Alliance Security Summit
6) EPA Launches New Green Infrastructure Website
7) Blog Spotlight: The Water Sector Workforce Needs Skills of American Workers


Week of February 21, 2012 

1) Blog Spotlight: Bring Back the Water Fountain
2) Draft Fiscal Year 2013 National Water Program Guidance Released for Comments
3) EPA Issues Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Sites
4) EPA Releases Permit Writer's Manual for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
5) EPA Announces Availability of Green Infrastructure Technical Assistance to Selected Partner Communities


Week of February 13, 2012 

1) EPA Releases Final Health Assessment for Tetrachloroethylene (Perc)
2) Feds Approve California Sewage Ban and Create Largest Coastal No-Discharge Zone in the Nation
3) Blog Spotlight: From Coast to Coast, Skills for American Workers
4) Success Spotlight: Roberts Bay, Florida—Retrofits in Bay Result in Removal of Nutrient Impairment


Week of February 6, 2012 

1) EPA Announces Grants to Clean Up Beaches Across the Nation and Launches Improved Website for Beach Advisories and Closures
2) Register for Webinar on Tool for Comparing Impaired Waters Restorability
3) Blog Spotlight: China Strives for Clean Waters with EPA


Week of January 30, 2012 

1) Office of Water Twitter Name Change
2) Water is Focus of Rachel Carson Intergenerational Contest
3) New Tool Provides Access to Water Pollution Data
4) Handbook to Help Water Utilities Plan for Sustainability
5) Listening Session to Focus on Consumer Confidence Report Rule
6) 2010-2011 Climate Change and Water Progress Report Available Online
7) First Community of Homes Earns WaterSense Label


Week of January 17, 2012 

1) White House National Ocean Council Announces Draft Plan to Improve Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts, and Great Lakes
2) New Data Added to EPA's Nitrogen and Phosphorus Pollution Data Access Tool
3) EPA Co-Sponsored Report Released: "Water Reuse: Potential for Expanding the Nation's Water Supply through Reuse of Municipal Wastewater"
4) Climate Ready Estuaries 2011 Progress Report Released
5) Success Spotlight: Bull Run/West Creek, Indiana--Planning, Educating Landowners & Installing Management Practices Restore Watershed


Week of January 9, 2012 

1) EPA to Seek Stakeholder Input on Integrated Municipal Stormwater and Wastewater Management Plans
2) EPA Accepting Proposals and Questions on Urban Waters Small Grants
3) EPA Launches Recovery Potential Screening Website to Assist Restoration Planners
4) Office of Water's Acting Assistant Administrator Blogs on Roberts Bay Restoration through Partnership and Innovation
5) Success Spotlight: Dardenne Creek, Missouri--Watershed Planning and On-the-Ground Implementation Improve Water Quality in Creek


Week of January 3, 2012 

1) Comment Period Extended for 2010 Final Effluent Guidelines Plan and 2011 Effluent Guidelines Reviews
2) EPA PCB TMDL Handbook Released
3) Success Spotlight: Whiskey Town Lake Beaches, California--National Park Service Reduces Bacteria Sources at Whiskeytown Lake Beaches


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